Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carte des emplacements des stationnements de Communauto

[the related page is in French] Voilà un mashup qui est en fait une carte de l'ensemble des sites de stationnement de Communauto au Québec avec un fond Google Maps (routes, satellite ou hybrid). Les stations de métro y sont également. Les détails dans le texte en-dessous de la carte...

Quick tip: Mac laptops inverted display for outdoor uses

I was at a great meeting yesterday (I'll tell you more about this in a few weeks) taking notes on my old iBook and I shared this tip with one friend who has a MacBook. It's one of the nice things with MacOS X: there's plenty of small useful features that makes you much more efficient. In this case, the tip in question is for using your Mac laptop in outdoor conditions (i.e. when there's sun on your display): simply try command-option-control-8 and the display colors will be inverted, allowing much easier reading in outdoor conditions. This works with any mac.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sharing is Good: My Delicious Bookmarks

So many links in the digital universe, finding the "right" websites is not an easy task. On the right-hand side of the blog, there's a link to my delicious bookmarks. It's the great tool I use for managing my bookmarks. It has many benefits to me. What? Why? On this page I explain why I use delicious to manage my bookmarks. Delicious is part of Yahoo!, so expect this mature service to evolve into something even better.

I often share links to friends, say Firefox extensions or open source software. Using Delicious, sharing pertinent websites is easier. If you're a Delicious user yourself, you can add yourself to my network.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Does Wiktionary has a Future?

Some time ago I wrote a journal entry over Slashdot, which was rejected as a submission, asking whether Wiktionary has a future or not.

The hub of my digital life

After much thinking, I decided to use this blog as the main access point to my other digital sites and projects. I thus plan to use this blog to share thoughts and to announce the novelties of my other websites. In the Links section on the right-hand side, you'll find my most pertinent links.

Consequence: you'll have only RSS feed to monitor to keep you updated about what's going on about me, this one. Oh yeah, don't expect regular posts, so many projects on the table...

If you wonder, the blog's title comes from the excellent Ambient Findability book.