Saturday, January 26, 2008

ReacTable: the holy grail of electronic music creation user interface

One of the numerous projects I'd like to spend more time on is music (ah... so many things I want to do ;-). A friend just showed me the reacTable (Wikipedia entry) and I'm enthusiastic about it. I've seen (and even played with some) electronic music gadgets, but this one is a step closer to the holy grail of electronic music creation user interface. Videos worth millions of words...

Here's the second demo video and here's an improvisation with the tool, but it still feels like this beast has much more potential that what it is shown on these videos, such as integrating these concepts with the ones of a AirFX. We *do* live in interesting times... (if only we could more wisely use our brains and technology to improve our civilization as a whole)
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