Sunday, October 06, 2013

Our Exponential Economy Requiring an Overhaul

Almost  a year and a half ago, I told friends I was going to share the following videos with them. Finally, here they are. That's 21 short videos that I watched while cleaning the dishes. As far as I can remember, I really like them and found them challenging. While most probably not everything in there is properly presented and even some parts might be misleading or wrong, its core remains pretty pertinent and I encourage you to watch it.

In short, our current economical system is based on bad assumptions, such as that resources are infinite. It's obviously not the case. This can't continue forever and we'll have to radically adapt the system or be forced to use a new one better suited.

You can learn more about their author, Christopher Martenson, on Wikipedia.

Here are the videos, you can watch them one at a time;

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